This document is the fruit of the work and the commitment of us; three computer networks and telecommunications engineering students at the National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, Tunisia. Namely, Abdelmoula Eya, Med Ali Jardak and Ghaida Bouchâala. As part of our end of year project.

Not to forget to mention, the continuous support of our supervisor, Meher Assel, whose insightful comments and valuable expertise pushed us to refine our thinking e in formulating the research questions and methodology.…

قداه نقولو لرواحنا نحبو نكونوا من الناس لي باش تبدل في العالم ؟ أيا سيدي ليوم باش نحكيلكم على حاجة تخليك متأكد لي إنت باش تكون من الناس إلي باش تبدل في العالم وقت تستعملها، تؤمن بيها و بقوتها ، حاجة
Blockchain جديدة… حاجة كبيرة … إشنية ؟ هي التكنولوجي
…هذي الزبدة عزيزي القارئ و إيجا نقلك منين تبدى

؟ Bitcoin شكون منا ما سمعش بحاجة اسمها
لي هو أول تطبيق أو حالة Bitcoin لي هي التكنولوجي وال Blockchainالساعة لازم نفرقو بين ال
Blockchain استخدام لالتكنولوجي
أما بالعكس ،architecture client-serveur وقت نستعملو ها التكنولوجي معاش نحكيو على
وين منلقاش هاكا ،a peer-to-peer…

Being a documentarian of what I do, is my new way of learning since reading “Show your work”. It highlights the importance of sharing our work and revealing our creativity…

And since I have recently joined a new internship whose main objective is to be able to apply machine learning algorithms to build predictive models… I started learning Python

By going through this article you’ll be able to learn the essential concepts of Python programming such as data types, tuples, lists, dictionaries, functions, regular expressions, Error & Exceptions, scope, Object-Oriented Programming…

Benefits of programming with Python :

  1. Python is widely used.
  2. Python is so easy to…

New to Back-End Development with Symfony?
Have been struggling while searching how to develop the functionality of importing Excel data in your database? No problem!

I did a lot of research to present you, my fellow reader, the cream of the crop, thus, you can save a lot of time, and learn how to import data from an XLSX file to your DataBase with Symfony…

Let’s break the ice :

I’ll be working with phpSpreadSheet, testing with Postman.


  • phpMyAdmin
  • Symfony: v4.12.10
  • PHP: v7.2.19

To start with :

  1. Install the phpSpreadSheet in your Symfony project:
composer require phpoffice/phpspreadsheet

2. I’ll assume that you already have a Controller, a user Entity…

by Faten Guirat and Ghaida Bouchâala

Junior Entreprise INSAT in the JOBS

December 15th and 16th were two memorable days for every junior entrepreneur. During these days, JOBS ( Junior Official Business Seminar) was held in El Mouradi Hotel, in Sousse, Tunisia. This seminar was organised by the JET (Junior Entreprise of Tunisia).

Too many names? We promise to make everything clearer.

So, lay back, buckle up and read attentively dear readers as this article is about to blow your minds with one of the most amazing experiences that have ever existed.

Who is JET ?

JET is the Tunisian Confederation of Junior Enterprises. Its main…

First Study Group Meetup

The months within the Developer Circles has taught me a great deal. It struck me as a mixture of delicacies, one that has not only influenced my technological skills and helped me climb high in the career ladder but also was a gate towards connecting with a lot of exceptional people with whom fruitful interactions have taken place.

By reading this article, you may expose yourself to the beginning of an amazing experience, which I urge you, fellow reader, to not pass up.

What is Developer Circles from Facebook?

Developer Circles from Facebook are communities of innovators, where aspiring and…

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